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New Hunter Business is a not for profit organisation in partnership with The Business Centre and Hunter Region Business Hub.

New Hunter Business is contracted by The Australian Government Department of Jobs and Small Business to oversee the delivery of the New Business Assistance with NEIS (New Enterprise Incentive Scheme) and the Exploring Being My Own Boss workshops throughout the Hunter region of NSW.

New Hunter Business is a member of the National NEIS Association and works with its clients to see them through their first year of business by providing outstanding training and mentoring.

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What is New Business Assistance with NEIS?

New Business Assistance with NEIS is an initiative of the Federal Government that provides assistance to clients who are looking to become independently supported.
New Business Assistance with NEIS includes:

  • Small business management training and business plan development. 

  • NEIS allowance for up to 39 weeks to eligible clients.                                

  • Business mentoring and ongoing support during the first year of business operation.

New Business Assistance with NEIS is the Department of Jobs and Small Business's most successful small business start up program, generating approximately 6,000 new businesses in Australia each year. So if you have a dream of being your own boss (and quite possibly someone else's) ask New Hunter Business if you are eligible for NEIS and how we may be able to help you.

New Hunter Business will help you to develop the skills and plan needed to ensure your business can survive and grow.



Personal Eligibility Criteria

  • Be at least 18-years-old when you commence NEIS assistance

  • Be available to participate in pre NEIS required training

  • Be able to work fulltime in your proposed NEIS business                          

  • Not be an un-discharged bankrupt                                                 

  • Not be prohibited by law from working within Australia

  • Not be an overseas visitor on a working holiday visa or an overseas student studying in Australia

  • Not have received NEIS assistance in the past year


Business Eligibility Criteria

  • Is not currently operating on a commercial basis

  • Has an independent business structure

  • Is lawful and capable of withstanding public scrutiny

  • Has been assessed as Commercially Viable by the NEIS Provider

  • Will be established, located and operated solely within Australia

  • Is structured so that the person has and will maintain a controlling interest over the NEIS Business for the duration of the person’s NEIS Participant Agreement.

Business Structure & Partnerships

Business structures such as partnerships and companies are permitted under the NEIS programme, but with certain restrictions. You should discuss these requirements with New Hunter Business.

Got a hobby that could be a business?

A small-scale business venture, such as, weekend market stalls and hobby activities are permitted. We will discuss your business activity and determine whether your current trading is carried out to supplement your income or if you are trading on a commercial basis. 

Our Team


Steve Wait - CEO

Steve has successful business experience in strategy articulation and market execution and has a passion for driving new ideas, leading to business creation in regional Australia.


Allirra Aichinson - NEIS Coordinator

Allirra has been involved in the NEIS program for 7 years and is dedicated to ensuring clients have a smooth transition into operating their own new business. Allirra is proud to support those beginning a business through NEIS and loves to see how some lives can change with the opportunity.


Jessie Wyborn - NEIS Coordinator

Jessie is a new face with New Hunter Business and is eager to assist participants in the NEIS program in anyway she can. Jessie loves hearing all of our participants business ideas and watching them grow into successful ventures.


Our Trainers are highly skilled with qualifications in Business Services, Marketing, Frontline Management, Sales, Human Resources and Management.

In addition, our Trainers have been delivering NEIS Training for many years and each have a detailed understanding of the initiative. Not only that, our Trainers are successful business owners themselves with plenty of sage wisdom to share with you as you begin your journey into the business world.

Peter Hollingsworth _ October 2018 _ SM-3.jpg

Peter Hollingsworth - The Business Centre

With a vast and varied career in retail, franchises and owning and operating several of his own businesses, Pete is our go-to-guy when it comes to training for people looking at starting their own enterprises.

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Julian Campbell - HRBH

Julian is passionate about helping business owners transform their business to cope with the constant challenges and changes they face every day.

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Once you have commenced your NEIS business you will be assigned a Mentor to provide business mentoring and advice to you for a period of 12 months. NEIS mentors are people with proven business acumen and experience in marketing, finance, accounting, or other relevant business skills that enable them to fulfil the responsibilities of being a NEIS mentor. NEIS mentors provide NEIS Participants with assistance and advice about organisational, functional and marketing issues, and advice on specialist business professionals.

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Paulina Mangano
The Business Centre

Paulina is passionate about assisting the local small business community and provides a unique and motivating approach to guidance and advice. Read more here.


Kimberlie Clare-Campbell

Kimberlie is a colourful, creative and approachable NEIS mentor and Digital Business Advisor who persistently uses her knowledge and support to infuse you with genuine encouragement and inspiration so your fledgling business can soar.


Hear what previous NEIS participants have to say about our courses and the effect it had on the success of their businesses.

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Belinda & Peter Wray

Bellaray Apartment
“Our NEIS training was fabulous. Although we had been in business for many years, it was so refreshing to learn new skills and strategies to launch a new business. Much thanks goes to Julian and Kimberlie - they are fantastic and so knowledgeable.”

Vanessa Reynolds.jpg

Vanessa Reynolds

Dancing Blossom Studio
”I’ve been soo grateful for the training and mentoring I received through the NEIS program over the past year! It has provided me with a valuable foundation to continue grow a flourishing business in the Hunter Valley, NSW. The support has encouraged my own ideas to bloom as well as sharing new possibilities that I hadn’t yet thought of”


Catherine Namisnyk

”I was the quintessential walk in. I had no idea of the NEIS program. I walked into the Hunter Region Business Hub to ask some questions regarding a small business and was encouraged to enrol in the NEIS program. along the way I had the opportunity to brainstorm ideas with likeminded people that were encouraging towards each others business idea. Don’t pass up the opportunity to participate!”


Training is held at various locations in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley areas. New Hunter Business is very mindful of costs associated with travel these days, so we try very hard to locate the courses in areas which are convenient to the course participants.  Please check on our event page or call us on (02) 4925 2214.

Info Sessions and Training Schedules

New Hunter Business will engage The Business Centre as a Registered Training Organisation to deliver an average of five-seven courses every six months according to the demand. Training is delivered to you via Face to Face courses and takes place with participants attending in class training over a period of seven weeks.

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Information Sessions

Dream of starting your own business? Make it a reality and create yourself a job through the Australian Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS). The program helps eligible participants into self-employment.


Training Schedule

Upcoming training for 2019:
- Explore Being my Own Boss Newcastle and Kurri
- Cert III Micro Business Operations Kurri Kurri
- Cert IV Micro Business Operations Newcastle

- Cert III Micro Business Operations Kurri Kurri
- Cert IV Micro Business Operations Newcastle


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