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What is Mentoring?

"Mentoring is about fostering a culture where the sharing of experience, wisdom, networks, knowledge and know-how is the 'norm'. Mentoring might be facilitated as part of a formal program or through informal mentoring moments and interactions" - Australian Mentoring Centre.

In terms of NEIS this means you will be paired with a Mentor in your area who will share with you their knowledge of the business world, provide a sounding board for your ideas, encourage your endevours and assist you to manage your business as it develops and grows.

How will my NEIS Mentor help me?

Once you have commenced your NEIS business you will be assigned a Mentor to provide business mentoring and advice to you for a period of 12 months.

NEIS mentors are people with proven business acumen and experience in marketing, finance, accounting, or other relevant business skills that enable them to fulfil the responsibilities of being a NEIS mentor.

NEIS mentors provide NEIS Participants with assistance and advice about organisational, functional and marketing issues, and advice on specialist business professionals.

Mentors also have:
•  a clear understanding of small business skills and management practices,
•  the ability to listen and communicate effectively;
•  the ability to guide but not drive or take over the direction of the business venture; and
•  a resource base of valuable business‐related contacts in the local community.

How long will Mentoring last?

NEIS mentoring gives assistance and advice to NEIS Participants during the first year of NEIS Business operation, to maximise the potential success of the NEIS Participant’s business. In some cases, it may be possible to refer NEIS participants onto other mentoring programs once they have completed NEIS.

What is a Mentor?

"A Mentor provides hindsight - this becomes your foresight".